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Thread: Vacation ending ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonymoose View Post
    I never came across a pack of wild hogs until I was hiking in Germany's Black Forest three yrs. ago.
    At first I heard what sounded like a chainsaw in the distance which would've been highly unusual on a Sunday morning in Germany.
    Turned out to be a pack of wildschwein. Large and black .
    Do our wild hogs sound like that?
    Don't know...I only ran across one once and he just snarled and false charged my dog and my dog had the good sense to take off running. This pig was probably in the 300# range so I just pointed my 12 gauge filled with bird shot at his head, held my breath and hoped ole piggy would head the other way...and he did. I didn't feel like playing anymore after that...and neither did Orc (the dog) we went home.
    You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mott the Hoople View Post
    That's not the best part. We ship most of it to michigan.
    we sell it to Cleveland as viagra.......

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