The rightwing cracka goy and their toady's will feel the sing of retribution

The violence is the latest involving the the Proud Boys, a far-right men’s club whose members describe themselves as “Western chauvinists.”

Members of a far-right group called the “Proud Boys” got in a violent encounter in New York on Friday night after a speech from the group’s leader Gavin McInnes, with videos showing more than a dozen members of the group kicking and punching people on the ground.

Dressed in their uniform—a black polo shirt with yellow piping—the Proud Boys can be seen stomping on a person on the ground near Third Avenue and 83rd Street on the east side of Manhattan. A person can be heard yelling “faggot” during the violence.

In a statement released Saturday afternoon, they NYPD said officers were keeping watch over a peaceful protest outside an event featuring the Proud Boys leader when Several officers leaving the scene came across an assault under way. Police said investigators are reviewing video and evidence to determine if other crimes were committed, and if so identify the suspects and make additional arrests.