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    Quote Originally Posted by Guille View Post
    I liked those T-Birds, good looking car with decent performance and they were comfortable. The F-body Mustang though, every one I ever drove had a squirrely rear end and crosswinds on the freeway seemed to effect them more than other cars.
    I'll take your word on it as I never drove one. Maybe being about 4" shorter wheelbase made them less stable, and the boxy shape bad in cross winds. If I hit cross winds in the 'bird they had little effect, especially if I was going faster. More speed with that car created more stability.

    My only problem with that car was the AOD transmission. Four speed with a lock up torque converter in all gears. Continuous mechanical feedback from the throttle position allowed you to downshift just by blipping the throttle, and it was very consistent when it would shift. 40% gear reduction in 4th allowed high speed cruising at low RPMs. All that I loved. (In fact I recently had a later model AOD installed in my classic '64 TBird for all those reasons.) But in the '85, the AOD would downshift into third as you approached 100 mph. The factory 5.0 didn't have the breathing capacity at those RPMs. It effectively limited the speed of the car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guille View Post
    My uncle had a Corvair, it was the Monza Coupe, and I got to drive it a few times and I never understood the fuss because the handling seemed fine to me as far as rear engine cars go. If there ever was a car I thought had dodgy handling it was the F-body Mustang, definitely had to careful hitting the gas coming out of a curve or a turn and I thought they were really unstable on wet roads.
    They handled just fine and Nader was an ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USFREEDOM911 View Post
    They handled just fine and Nader was an ass.
    Yes! He was!

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