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Thread: Goodreads/Amazon Refugees

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    Default Goodreads/Amazon Refugees

    Good Morning Goodread/Amazon Refugees,

    The JPP moderators have welcomed you to this forum, but we grown weary of your interactions with each other.

    We have received a lot of complaints about private information being released on this forum, and we would like to remind you that it is a violation of our rules.

    Information you have garnered about each other on other forums is not to be posted on this forum.

    Let me repeat this, Personal information learned on other forum about people posting here may not be mention here unless the poster has made it public on this forum.

    This is a general warning to all of you. Future posting of personal information will result in either a ban or a forced ignore between offending posters.

    Thank you for you cooperation in this matter.
    Insulting family members of other JPP posters is for tiny minds, don't be a tiny mind.

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