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    Even the Guardian was impressed, well about as much as you'll ever get from them.
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    Yes I saw that interview on Channel 4. Cathy Newman has received so much abuse that Channel 4 called in security specialists. Looks like we have our own versions of Darla over here.
  3. I kind of want to make a novel about how all the Jewish conspiracies are true and the Jews are really this secret and massively powerful organization. They were formed after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, as a result of a promise to restore humanity to its former glory. Sort of like an IRL Second Foundation. And they triumphed with the realization of the Enlightenment, and have spent since then putting down reactionaries and revolutionaries. With their biggest failure being WWII, when Hitler found out about their plot.
  4. Dude, I figured it out. The Jews + the Illuminati = 9/11 was an inside job += banksters -= islamization of Europe * Donald Trump / Steve Bannon == Bolshevist infilitration __ The French Revolution and Aliens

    It all frits together so naturally.
  5. Are Jews the enemy of the white race?
  6. I'm thinking of several ways we could do this. At the low end I could just set up a game and give people points for guessing right. At the high end I'd sort of like to make this it's own site with an actual fake market. I dunno.
  7. What if we started a fake betting market in which we gave people points for correctly predicting elections? So that we could keep track of who actually has a good sense for this stuff.
  8. I haven't talked to him in so long. I think we're still technically friends on facebook.
  9. We will stop when we achieve world conquest. One world, under Clinton.
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Grind is one of the internets most beloved and influential political thinkers and deep-level theorists in the modern era. He rose to prominence in early 2015 when he alleged, contrary to the dominant theory of christiefanism of the time, that Bill Clintons wife was indeed running for president and wasn't considering settling down to be a grandmother. In 2016, Grind was one of the key figures in proposing the new revolutionary theory of "30% is not a rare occurrence" which shook up the JPP political landscape like no other theory ever had before. His academic prowess, deep-level analysis and remarkable insight into human nature and psychology will undoubtedly result in further complexities being untangled and laid bare. He currently resides in boston, his hobbies include #rekking libs, vaping, and patriotism. You can find him in a thread near you.


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Wow my blogs really suck

by Royal Highness on 03-25-2013 at 12:03 AM
so lets write another.

Set fire to our atmosphere
Maybe the thermosphere, that might make more sense
If not I guess it'll be time for a vacation instead
Little umbrellas in your drinks is always a good second choice

Just imagine though that ring of fire above our heads
dancing across the globe like some hellish aurora

It would just be nice for a change to let space
come down and meet us
and envelop the grasses and dirt and

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Planes, Complaints, and Indie Girls.

by Royal Highness on 02-17-2009 at 08:50 PM
Hello Internets, it's Grind again.

So recently I was down in Florida catching some sun over the weekend. Not much happened it was cold etc

On the way home I had my nice comfy window seat on the airplane, when I noticed that a group of about 20-25 girls my age were getting on the plane. "Sweet" i thought, maybe a hot one will be forced to sit next to me. Apparently it was some team from brown university, so I felt pretty dumb already, knowing that they would be

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Updated 02-17-2009 at 08:52 PM by Royal Highness


The Last Question

by Royal Highness on 02-04-2009 at 11:01 PM
Hello people.

Today I will share with you a fun short story, written by Mr. Awesome himself, issac asimov.

go go go:

my color scheme sucks right now

by Royal Highness on 02-03-2009 at 10:32 AM
I haven't been able to finish this up yet. For a great tool to help pick a color scheme, go here:

Things to do on thursday

by Royal Highness on 01-29-2009 at 02:39 PM

Eventually I am going to put more thought into it, but for now I'm just going to talk about what I plan on doing tonight, as well as over the weekend.

I hope to get some pizza combos and redbull, it's the best snack anyone could ever have. I highly recommend it. Then tomorrow I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn and deal with lots of asshole bostonians. There is snow and ice everywhere and everything pretty much sucks rightn

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