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    Get off your high horse. I have no reason to "get recognition for you".
  2. Stop whining, Cy. I stated that the chronology of our exchanges documents where you lied (either that or you're too damned stupid to acknowledge your pushing a contradiction as truth). The objective reader will go over it and see your folly. Your insipid stubbornness on this exchange is evident. Bottom line: you made a statement that didn't stand up to scrutiny and you couldn't walk back or "explain" away. I saw no further point in discussing it with you and stated as such. That you are obsessed with being right in an anonymous format as this speaks volumes of your ego. Take a break, get some fresh air. Or see a therapist. Whatever. I'm done with you and will no longer entertain any exchanges with you. Adios.
  3. You need to visit this thread and publicly explain what tangible evidence you have for why you think I am a chronic liar, a BS artist, and a nasty troll. I have never, not one damn time ever lied to you, trolled you, BS'd you. I haven't even written more than ten posts to you in the last decade
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    You gonna admit you got had?
  5. I did Lama Pei for about two years....a little Okinawa Kenpo before that.
  6. Hope you're okay.
  7. Where are you? We need you to help celebrate Obama's reelection!
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    Happy Thanksgiving, we have known each other for a long time and I just wanted to wish you the best and the same to your family!
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    No problem, I am not opposed to being handed victories. I've never really done much study of evolution, because I'm not a biologist, and I am not a Christian who is threatened by the concept and thus needs to study and refute it. It was a learning experience for me.
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