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  1. Dear Mary, Geert Wilder is not highly reguarded by many religious scholors. He is a man full of hate for a religion that is adhered to by 1 in 5 people in the world. Thats right, for every 5 people in the world 1 of them is Muslim. President Bush himself has said we are NOT ar war with the Muslim religion. There are millions of Americans who are Muslim. There once was a leader of a small country in Europe who spoke like this man about a religion. He spoke about how this one religion was destroying his country and that he and the people of his country needed to do something to save their country and way of life. He did just that , he killed millions of Jews. His name was hitler.

    Never ,never forget the lessons of history. Do you suggest we do the same to muslims that Hitler did? If not what do you suggest we do to "stop" these muslims who make up 1 in 5 people of the world? This wonderful country of ours was founded on the freedom of religion. I suggest you go back and read some of our history and get inspired with the idea that you cannot tell people what to believe. They only way to fight ideas is with ideas. You cannot force religion at the point of a gun. They only way you can do it with a gun is the way Hitler did it. It did not work very well for him now did it?

    Hate will not make this country great again. Knowledge , intelligence, information, adult discussion and cool headed reason will. The ideals of Freedom of religion , speech and the pursuit of happiness will. Do not listen to the lies of this McCarthy of the netherlands. His only interest is his own power and all others be damned. Do your own research into the Muslim religion ( not on right wing sites but in encyclopedias) and you will see that it is closer to Christianity than it is different.

    Please I beg of you again to question the things like this that people send you and that appeal to hate and devision of the people of this world. Jesus was not into hate and if you check into the Koran for yourself you will find that the Muslim people thought Jesus was a great man.

    Thank you for listening , your friend ,desh
  2. Thank you my friend.

    The Ironic Grind sounds like one funky dance dude.
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    I've decided to be ironic and be the first message you ever get.
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by evince on 06-20-2023 at 10:23 AM
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Fox has discovered that backing Trump is bad for business. They finally did their jobs.
Baier and Hume talked on Fox after the interview and agreed that Trump was incoherent. Trump did a terrible job and deflected away from answering questions. Those guys sold their reputations to back all Trump all the time narratives. Now like other Repubs, they are understanding Trump is through. They are moving on and are trying to clean up their messes. It is too late for people who think news talking

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White heterosexual cis gendered man kills 4.

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Don Jr. probably won't call this one a "pandemic." And some of the posters here likely won't say that all white male heterosexuals should be in a mental institution.
Trannies ARE crazy. What person blessed enuff to be born with a dick wishes to have it lopped off? THATS CRAZY!

You don’t even know what the word means obviously

Storm the Bastille

by evince on 01-06-2023 at 12:33 PM
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It would have been different but one would expect it to be because Antifa and Trump supporters come at it from opposite directions.

Antifa hates this country or at least they hate it as it’s presently constituted: it’s institutions are ‘racist’ blah-blah-blah. Trump supporters love the country and want to preserve its institutions and etc.

So it makes no sense for them to destroy property in the capital.


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Ex marine neo nazi rape and racist murder plot

by evince on 08-01-2022 at 04:29 PM
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The Republican Party is a rape the white women and kill all the brown people party

It will be the one who dies

You choose racism

I told you that you were stabbing your party to death with racism

You just kept stabbing