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  1. Did she send you a note that was a love affair with the mans obsession with banning Islam and making the Netherlands into a mini-US?
  2. It was an answer to an email sent me by my nephews new mother in law. I wanted a place to store it so I just plopped it here. I like to read it once in a while to remind me I said it to her. I wont need to see her for some time but it make me giggle every time I see it.
  3. Desh, why do you have that letter about Dutch politics on your page?
  4. thats the idea
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    you are giving me a seizure with this color scheme.
  6. nice and bright huh?

    I was looking for a shock effect and I think I achieved it.
  7. Nice page Desh
  8. Dear Mary, Geert Wilder is not highly reguarded by many religious scholors. He is a man full of hate for a religion that is adhered to by 1 in 5 people in the world. Thats right, for every 5 people in the world 1 of them is Muslim. President Bush himself has said we are NOT ar war with the Muslim religion. There are millions of Americans who are Muslim. There once was a leader of a small country in Europe who spoke like this man about a religion. He spoke about how this one religion was destroying his country and that he and the people of his country needed to do something to save their country and way of life. He did just that , he killed millions of Jews. His name was hitler.

    Never ,never forget the lessons of history. Do you suggest we do the same to muslims that Hitler did? If not what do you suggest we do to "stop" these muslims who make up 1 in 5 people of the world? This wonderful country of ours was founded on the freedom of religion. I suggest you go back and read some of our history and get inspired with the idea that you cannot tell people what to believe. They only way to fight ideas is with ideas. You cannot force religion at the point of a gun. They only way you can do it with a gun is the way Hitler did it. It did not work very well for him now did it?

    Hate will not make this country great again. Knowledge , intelligence, information, adult discussion and cool headed reason will. The ideals of Freedom of religion , speech and the pursuit of happiness will. Do not listen to the lies of this McCarthy of the netherlands. His only interest is his own power and all others be damned. Do your own research into the Muslim religion ( not on right wing sites but in encyclopedias) and you will see that it is closer to Christianity than it is different.

    Please I beg of you again to question the things like this that people send you and that appeal to hate and devision of the people of this world. Jesus was not into hate and if you check into the Koran for yourself you will find that the Muslim people thought Jesus was a great man.

    Thank you for listening , your friend ,desh
  9. Thank you my friend.

    The Ironic Grind sounds like one funky dance dude.
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    I've decided to be ironic and be the first message you ever get.
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No, I didn't suspend anybody's account....

by evince on 09-10-2019 at 09:24 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Damocles View Post
The site was down for a bit. They moved us to a new server and didn't transfer the dbase correctly so it gave us some issues.

Site is back up.


thanks Damo

Trump to grant student loan forgiveness for disabled veterans

by evince on 08-22-2019 at 12:51 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Celticguy View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Text Drivers are Killers View Post
So they say. Many of these guys are faking the injuries. Where have you been?
How exactly do you fake amputation ?

these types are Russian bots

their brains have been amputated

NRA: We shouldn't take rifles away from '10-year-old little girls' on their birthdays

by evince on 08-17-2019 at 09:04 AM
Quote Originally Posted by reagansghost View Post
Only in Floriduh

and this article is NOT from The Onion

The NRA itself says the gun its lobbyist wants little girls to have is actually 'for adults.'

The NRA's top lobbyist in Florida argued against a proposed assault weapons ban, complaining that if the law passes, young children might not get rifles for their birthdays.

"How do you tell a 10-year-old little girl who got a Ruger 10/22 with a pink stock for her birthday that

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Video games don’t cause violent crime

by evince on 08-06-2019 at 07:13 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Miss Margot Frank View Post
This is like when Saudis attacked on 911,so we invaded Iraq



which both claims are

It appears ABC, CBS and NBC have joined MSNBC at not broadcasting tRump's parade.

by evince on 07-03-2019 at 05:13 PM
Quote Originally Posted by MASON View Post
Quote Originally Posted by volsrock View Post
so u admit when u made your statement above it was not u are a liar
It has happened,tomorrow is the ,whatever you call it!
Odds of Trump opening his mouth and not campaigning!nil

negative 100