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    Sorry, you poor little bitch. I know you worship me, but I'm going to have to put you on ignore.

    Please don't cry.
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    just keep shitting little red bricks.

    since all the facts fail you and your historically failed ideas
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    Bitch stfu. Now, do what you do, coward, and report that.
  4. Part two:
    Unfortunately, and thanks to clueless buffoons like you, the leftist and leftist media in his country turned on Bush after he had done all the right things and had very high approval ratings. Therefore, thanks to be clueless file American mindset, I will NEVER support any future military options placing the devoted men and women of this nations military at risk.

    You don't deserve their sacrifice; you pissed on it when they liberated Iraq and now moronically think this time things are different. You're incredibly stupid, incredibly uninformed, incredibly naive and an incredibly hyper partisan buffoon.

    This conversation is over; it's bad enough I have to suffer your ignorance in the forum.
  5. Why do you put words into others mouths they haven't uttered. I don't want chemical weapons in anyone's hands. I'm just not as stupid and naive as you to think that lobbing a few cruise missiles into a sovereign nation will do anything but provide cover for Obamas innefectual moronic rhetoric.

    You're too stupid to comprehend this which is why you voted for this assclown proving that he was elected by low information clueless fools.

    I supported Afghanistan and Iraq because I have the intelligence to know that without regime change, America and the global community were powerless to end terror and weapons proliferation without it.
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    your a terrible person
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    The U.S. military first denied that it has used white phosphorus as an anti-personnel weapon in Fallujah, but later retracted that denial, and admitted to using the incendiary in the city as an offensive weapon.[17] Reports following the events of November 2004 have alleged war crimes, human rights abuses, and a massacre by U.S. personnel.[18] This point of view is presented in the 2005 documentary film, Fallujah, The Hidden Massacre.
  8. Why do you think that lobbing a few random cruise missles in will prevent it?
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    why do you want the weapons delivery systems to be a reward for whichever faction wins the Syrian civil war?

    you cant answer can you
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I fear this is happening to our detriment.
After November, we're probably going to see quite a few Democrat politicians putting out public announcements to foreign leaders that this momentary blip on history's radar will not last much longer.