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  1. I'm 20 hours into Dark Souls 2 as it is.
  2. Here's me naked and no-shield with my level 8 Faith build:

    Did pretty good until I got parried and riposted. That's part of my no-shield run, I decided to make it a naked run too momentarily. Also, the quality is absymnal, but that's the only way I could get it to record without bringing me down to 10fps.
  3. And if you want to bro-op, you need the DSCFix, and also DSFix. DSCFix changes the default behavior of summoning in Dark Souls, so that your Games for Windows Live friends are always added to the pool of peer to peer multiplayer connections first. Meaning that, when I put down a summon sign, it will always appear in your world, and vice versa. DSFix is mostly about allowing you to change the internal rendering resolution and unlock the 30fps frame limit, but it also has a dll override function that DSCFix relies on to function:

    Instructions for how to install either will be in the readme file for both. After that, you just need to add "watermark0n" to your GFWL friends, then we can organize some co-op some time. Either here on the site, or through GFWL messages, and checking our GFWL friends list to see if the others online.
  4. Also, if you just want to grind,

    Pay the 20k souls for the Crest of Astorias from Andre the blacksmith, and open the door at the other end of the forest. Also, there's a secret door to a hidden bonfire right besides the door the crest opens, just have to attack that collapsed wall. Behind the door the crest opened, there will be an open area, part of the Dark Forest, and as you travel through it, there will be these four guys who will run out and attack you. They're moderately strong, but spaced far enough apart so that you can aggro them each one on one, they might give you some trouble but once you learn their move set it won't be so bad. And killing all four will net you 7000 souls. Then, just head back to the secret bonfire right next to this area, and rinse and repeat. This is by far the best grinding area in the entire game, since it's a lot of souls right next to a bonfire.

    (Gameplay spoiler, not a story one.)
  5. Pretty much nowhere to go after ringing the bells but Sens fortress. If the snake things are giving you trouble - they're weak to fire, you can try and train pyromancy (since pyromancy does not scale with any one skill, only with upgrades to the pyromancy glove, it works as an addition to any build). With other areas, like the Catacombs - while they may be accessible at this stage, if you go far enough, you will just run into these golden magical walls, that are going to be opened up later. For challenges that might be worth looking into at this stage - look up Havel the Rock, Hydra, and Black Hydra. Havel the Rock and Hydra, in particular, are right next to each other, so you could do them one after the other.
  6. Eh, looking at your messages, you were at Capra Demon at 3 AM one day and had beaten the Gaping Dragon and half of Blighttown on the other, so you probably already know all this.

    Still, want to bro-op?
  7. The Drake Sword wears out fast, it's gets weaker once you get to Blighttown and is pretty much totally outdated afterward. You need to start upgrading a weapon soon. What's your build? Dexterity? Strength?
  8. Oddly, the Capra demon didn't give me much trouble the first time I went through. The second time, though.... I can definitely understand why Capra has such a reputation among newbies. It's pretty much like you just walk in there, and he one shots you. The end. There are a few tricks to sorting him out, but I won't spoil them for you, you can look them up yourself if you're feeling that unmanly.
  9. On computer or 360? If you're on computer, I can help you out in some awesome bro-op.
  10. Haha, of course.
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