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  1. One day we shall lace daisies into one anothers hair and call each other brother.
    I'm guessing an election will called in the not too distant future. Theresa's got literally nothing to put forward from her "same as usual plus a dementia tax manifesto" that anyone in her own party can agree on. Even the usual Tory voters are going to be a little put out when they learn about the extent of the DUP's craziness.

    Labour has a decent chance of uniting on a proper social democratic platform that appeals to a huge proportion of the electorate. The Tory party are in for years, or hopefully months, of political infighting.

    Politically , i'm loving it. Loving it i tells you.

    Let the revolution begin.
  2. I legitimately haven't been this happy since the day Donald Trump was elected (besides maybe Le Pen getting her ass handed to her by Macron). Was so satisfying to see Tom butthurt.

    Hopefully you can get elections a few months and Corbyn gets a majority! Let chaos ring! Even if you don't, chances for a soft brexit went up a great deal. It's going to be funny watching Theresa May try to tiptoe around over the next few days, keeping down a mounting backbencher rebellion and trying to negotiate the most important British treaty in a century with a two vote majority, backed up by some religious crazies from NI, that could vanish with a couple of by elections or Conservative defections.
  3. I kind of made that my tagline after Brexit because I was made at Britain and thought it'd be a one off? But then we went and elected Trump and now it's pretty much just hypocrisy.
  4. I'd probably go Corbyn too if I were there, just because the Lib Dems have proved themselves to be the Conservatives bitches. I'm glad that May has blown her 20 point lead, Corbyn now has a sane shot at being the next prime minister. Let chaos reign.
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    Cultural hertiage would be awesome since my family helped conquer your damned island a millenia back.
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    My wife, my buddy and I are going to Ireland next year for St. Patricks day, and we will also be visiting England and Scotland. Do you have any recommendations for things to see or do?
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    Hey Charver, how would you like to join in a game of werewolf? I think you'd be a GREAT addition to the game if you had the time. There is a sign up thread in the Off Topic forum if you're interested.
  9. If it annoys you, then I'd consider that to be a benefit.
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    How long of a Holiday are you on Charver? Come back and write one of your song posts?
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Erections, Elections and Fascist Directions

by charver on 05-08-2009 at 07:59 AM
Good Morning.

Right, stop your gawping. If you're staying take off your coat, sit yourself down in the corner and quit your jibber-jabbering for five blessed minutes. It's a while since i last had a dalliance with this blog bidness, so do excuse the general untidiness. I trust you've all availed yourself of the facilities because i'm not having anyone get up for a piss half way through. Understand? Good.

In these straightened times of mass unemployment, fiscal turmoil

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Updated 05-08-2009 at 08:01 AM by charver


Of Mice And Men, And Tyrants

by charver on 02-04-2009 at 06:07 AM
Good Day to you, the visitor.

I'm a little surprised you bothered to come back. Even i admit that i offer a shoddy standard of service but then again what the hell do you people expect? Take it up with the organ grinder not the monkey. Please don't ask why they call him that. He scares me. You wouldn't much like it being stuck down here in Mr Damocles' internet-enabled well, either. There used to be six of us but their output dropped and, one by one, they disappeared during the notorious

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Blogs? B*ll*cks more like.

by charver on 01-29-2009 at 05:23 AM
Hello!? this thing on?

Ah, right. I have no idea what i'm doing here and depending on the level of trauma suffered during this process i may never do it again. Some of you people may have seen these new-fangled 'blog' things on the internets before. Usually it appears to be a rather tedious account of everything that person has managed to pack into their oh-so-hectic day during the previous 24 hour period.

As much as i'd like to constantly relay to you my

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