This group closed due to moderator interference.

  1. Banned
    Sorry, it was not much of a group anyway.
  2. leaningright
    Sorry about that uscitizen, I shouldn't have revealed about my guns or the fact that I have, do and will continue to give them as gifts. That seemed to set Watermark off.
  3. Banned
    No prob leaning. I will miss you and some others though.
    Damned moderators like to play mini god over here.
  4. Cancel 2016.11
    Cancel 2016.11
    I am really upset that you left. I almost left about a month ago, and allowed myself to be talked out of it. This board is driving me crazy.
  5. Banned
    Yeah I will miss you too Darla, one of the smartest and funniest posters I have met on the net.
    But I cannot put up with mods that run heavy handed and break rules with no consequences to them.
    Got burned here before by a mod that kept messing with my rep points...
    YOu talked me into coming back, but another mod messed with me again. so no more.
    btw am opening up this group so all can read.
  6. Cancel 2016.11
    Cancel 2016.11
    USC, don't lose touch. I will come talk to you at the other place, maybe another option will arise one of these days.
  7. Cancel 2016.11
    Cancel 2016.11
    BTW, thank you that is very high praise.
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