Old Fart, Senior Members, Seasoned Members or just Grownups

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  1. Solitary
    I hate to see the youngsters have all the fun. Well, it didn't really look like fun, but we needed this anyway.
  2. Solitary
    Welcome Kathianne! Pull up a chair, kick off your orthopedic shoes and have a shot of geritol!
  3. LadyT
  4. Solitary
    Welcome Lady T!!! Does this mean the youngsters group will kick you out? Or are you babysitting there anyway?
  5. LadyT
    lol, for some reason I feel the need to join every group I can
  6. Solitary
    For some reason I usually won't join any group that will have someone like me as a member.
  7. TexasMeg
    I don't fit in either of the groups, but I'm not LadyT so apparently I don't meet the guidelines
  8. LadyT
    anyone can fit in Meg. You just have to be willing to do ahem.....certain favors for the founder........
  9. Solitary
    Lady T, does that mean you owe favors? LOL! I am kidding, no favors needed.

    Meg, you fit the guidelines for this group. (note to self:create guidelines for group)
  10. Solitary
    Meg, how about we make you Queen of the Group? Then you can decide what fits and what doesn't? I doubt Kathianne would mind. And Lady T certainly has her own subjects. Hell, she has an entire group dedicated to worshipping her.
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