Dirty South Y'all

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  1. Solitary
    Awlright then, sumbody orta say sumthin. How ya'll been? Hows ya momma doin?
  2. Epicurus
    Y'all come back now yahurr.
  3. Solitary
    WTF? Watermark is a member of this group AND the yankee group?

    What are you, some kinda carpetbagger??
  4. uscitizen
    Hi there yall.

    how the heck do we get back to these groups anyway ?
  5. LadyT
    I agree. The South is dirty. We should give it back to Mexico.
  6. DamnYankee
    I have single-handily raised the class of this group by 100%.
  7. Epicurus
    This group is 100x better than the Northerner group.

    So guys, when are we rising again?
  8. Solitary
    When do you want to start rising, Epic? We have already won in some ways. Ever hear of anyone saving their money to retire and move north?
  9. Solitary
    Milady Tiana! Come on out on the veranda and have a mint julip with us. Enjoy the evening breeze and the smell of magnolias.
  10. LadyT
    Ok Solitary, but first things first, you better get that burning cross off the lawn.
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