Just Plain Politics is down for maintenance, we should return shortly.


We are working on updating the server and database. Please have patience, the site will be back as soon as I can possibly swing it.

I am taking backups, verifying that they are clean, then I am changing the database to a more stable type of storage, this should also increase efficiency of the site. Once that is done I have to remove and upload specific files then run the upgrade to the latest and greatest version of the forum software. This one is differently done than past upgrades and I had to upgrade several server softwares as well to get it so that it will work, this of course has made it so the current version will not work until the upgrade is complete. I am hoping to finish early on Wedneasday, but every step has taken longer than I've expected. Please have patience with me, I am doing what I can to get it back up as quickly as possible.

Cross your fingers.