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Boris Johnson humiliated.

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My parents were Irish. I know a damn sight more about the country than you ever know ffs!! You're a idiot who hasn't a clue. I won't respond to any more of your bullshit, kindly go forth and multiply!
My parents are America, as am I. According to you, that means I know more about how Americans will react to Johnson breaking his treaty with Ireland.

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  1. Primavera's Avatar
    So much for all the doomsday scenarios post Brexit. None have come to pass which must boil Salty's piss.

    London has regained its first place in European equities trading since being briefly overtaken by Amsterdam, quashing "dreadful prophecies" about Brexit.

    The news was met with a headline in France's BFMTV news channel stating, "London regains first place in European equity trading".

    In reaction to this the president of French union UPR, Francois Asselineau, tweeted: "Not only is the post-Brexit apocalypse still not in sight, but it is in France and in the Eurozone where things are going from bad to worse."

    He also tweeted: "This is yet another proof that the dreadful prophecies of the Europeanists about Brexit were nothing but bogus stories to scare children."