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Why the Dems Will Never Win Back Trump Voters

Aloysious Racist

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aloysious wrote, Sorry but badgering me for being a racist by advocating a healthy diet was not only dishonest dialogue but it broke rule #6 - thread derailment.
You also broke rule #4 lying about me claiming blacks eat unhealthy diets.
Aloysious felt calling him out for his racist comment was badgering? And why was his comment not a thread derailment to use his excuse? I wonder if he / she knows any whites with poor diets? Why did he only call them out? One must wonder? Surely if you are honest you'd include many Americans, wouldn't you? But why think of diets of some people in the first place, one must wonder.

"Racism is not about how you look, it is about how people assign meaning to how you look." Robin D.G. Kelley

Some people get it.

and a book to read:

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