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Cain: A black man who knows his place

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[QUOTE=poet;893961]Are you crazy? The Republican Platform hasn't changed since Ronald Reagan....who is revered as a demi-god. The party platform was racist and bigoted back still is today.
Why do you suppose the Republican Party is referred to as "the white party"???? Where are the faces of diversity in it? I'll wait.
That they found a black candidate who completely ignores the fact that the party could care less about him as black man in America, than it does about pushing their agenda, speaks volumes.
And you're damned straight. How could any self-respecting, thinking, intelligent black person embrace the Republican Party (much less the Tea Party) and its' platform?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
And you're crazy. The left doesn't hate him...the left, collectively, hopes that he gets the nomination. Blacks hate him. Overwhelmingly. For selling us, again, down the river. Metaphorically, figuratively, and literally.[/QUOTE]

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    Originally Posted by poet

    [QUOTE]Well, it's clear the truth is not within you. Let me address your concerns. The left has decided nothing. The left is the left, and will continue to be. That the right would conveniently find a negro, who for all practical purposes, if we close our eyes and skew our ears, would sound exactly like any of the other white candidates running for the nomination. Telling, indeed. Completely forgetting the fact that if not all, then some of the Republican Party is either throwing Obama and his initiatives "under the proverbial bus" or obstructing and undermining his presidency for personal reasons (i.e. "he's a liberal black, and therefore party to the"imagined" Democratic line of "handouts for the able-bodied" and welfare monies for all"....he's a socialist/Nazi/Marxist/Communist/Muslim who is catering to the Arab World, and can't wait to impose Sharia Law on unwitting Americans...he's illegitimate, not a bona fide citizen, etc.....)
    Oh, but the right's embracing of Herman Cain ( who is doing nothing more that "toting the white Republican man's water", like a good slave, and talking the lingo), somehow, means that all the racist and bigoted rhetoric aimed at Obama, then and now, is forgiven, as they have come to their senses, and found their "great white hope" in a Stephin Fetchit negro, who will do as he is told (undoubtedly, by the Koch Bros., the RNC, and Big Business) and not appear as a rogue or a maverick, or worse, catering to the common people. Bull to the shit.
    Are you so blind? Do you think the left is so stupid as not to see what is going on?
    And what are you talking about? Reports have it that Obama has more assassination threats against him that any president in memory or history.
    You can deny the machinations, manipulations, the "new lows" and the racism of the right, but there is ample documentation, in all forms of media and communication to verify the truth. Denial ain't a river up in Egypt. And there is trouble in River City.[/QUOTE]
    Let me translate this into "sane"...

    That the right would find a candidate who believes as they do and stands for the same things is not that surprising. That he happens to be black is something pretty much only the left dwells on with such incredible claims as "they are racist because they'll vote for him".

    What his candidacy has done is underline solely one thing. If a black man thinks differently than African-Americans on the left, he is rejected because of his color by the left in a more virulent manner than any white candidate would be.

    Because of his color the left hates him more than any white in the same position.