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I know the truth

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I have two test tommorrow and a math test on monday. Am I sweating? Of course not. I'm perfectly fine.

On that math test, I'm probably just going to go over the problems, develop a step by step plan to solve each kind of problem she put in the study guide, and then upload it to my calculator. This isn't cheating. This is just a way of expanding my mind beyond my head, to my calculator, where I will read what I wrote. Memory is so 1000 BC. And I'm going to fail anyway.

On my Speech and Biology tests, well they're going to be easy as fuck anyway. And I'm going to fail them, because I'm not going to study.

It's alright though. I'm perfectly fine. Rly relaxed n stuff.

Something for charver

I'm high.

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  1. charver's Avatar
    That is one fit skellington, WM. I would so go there.

    Oh hang on, is it a man skellington or a woman skellington? With your acute Biology skills you should be able to tell by counting the ribs or something.

    Also does having sex with a man skellington make you gay? I'm going to shut up now. Good luck with the tests.