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Video: Coverup of the Century

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Coverup of the Century – Zooming In’s Documentary Movie with Simone Gao

The CCP actively worked to suppress all information both inside and outside of its borders from the earliest days of the outbreak. The physical, emotional, and financial costs have been felt throughout the world in the wake of the pandemic.

Steps included silencing and ignoring doctors, hamstringing research, and lying through official channels. Anyone who spoke out and acted with the public interest in mind was immediately censored.

This thorough investigation into the CCP’s operating methods in a crisis is critical knowledge to the rest of the world, to know how the regime handles crises, and the danger it implicitly causes for humanity.

Most disturbingly, the damage from the pandemic could have been significantly decreased had the CCP taken proper measures to inform the world. Yet, there are deeper, systemic concerns about how the CCP was even allowed to have the power it does now, and who facilitated that rise.

This documentary “The Coverup of the Century” gives insight to where responsibility truly lays for the near half-million deaths worldwide.

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