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Have you purchashed your food insurance?

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Glen Beck is fear monger, he sells fear for top dollar. Anyone who listens to him regularly is subject to a constant barrage of fear. He sells nothing but fear, with the exception of loathing.

Been in an airport lately?

You can't stand in an airport for more than a few minutes without hearing an anouncement that the current fear (threat) level is orange.

Really? It is orange every day for the last eight years?

I am half portugeese and half norwegian. My helper is half french and half lebanese. We are blacksmiths with facial hair and we dress in a grubby/manly way, kind of like bikers.
The last time we flew into Nantucket, a terrorist alert was called and on the radio and everything. The police of course ignored my work truck, since they are well familar with it working all over town. By the time we got to the jobsite, the carpenters were all abuzz with the talk of the two "terrorists" who had just flown onto the island.

Cheney used the fear generated by the 9-11 attacks to enact the patriot act, reverse posse comitatus, invade sovereign nations, assault the middle and lower class etc.

Fear is now being used to prevent tax increases and portray all muslims in a negative light in an effort to ensure endless war.

Fear is the only tool the GOP has and they use it quite well. Look at Alias and Mr.T for examples of fear, driven my the GOP fear machine (Fox News, Limbaugh, Beck, etc.,)

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