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Could a black man win the GOP nomination?

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[QUOTE=poet;854175]I don't have a problem being ignored. The folks that are meant to get my gist, generally "do". Those that don't, oh well. I don't run around calling everyone a racist...especially those with whom I have disagreements. Don't act like a racist, and you won't be called one. I'm not the one. I am not what you are used to. I'm educated, experienced and seasoned. I'm not the negro you see on the 5 O'Clock News.
So, when you attempt to treat me as such, you'll find resistance and "a reading". A lot folks around here, running around, don't think that they are racist, because they have had their mindsets all of their lives, and no one has told them otherwise. You can't say everything that comes to your mind. You have to filter and think about how it's going to impact another human being...not your servant, not your maid, not your stepping stone, not your footstool, and not your slave. When you and others accept the fact that you automatically receive "special treatment", carte blanche, and privileges afforded no one else, simply because you were born with white skin (although some of you are not 100 % white, in the first place, hello?), then we can start the conversation....because , like it or not, that is reality. And you can pretend that it doesn't exist...but you are only prolonging honest dialogue...and just like folks that don't vote have no business complaining about what government doesn't do, or does poorly, likewise, don't complain when folks point out the racism you don't want to acknowledge, but want to project.[/QUOTE]

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  1. Lowaicue's Avatar
    The question is its own answer.
    I can remember the first coloured MP in the UK, his name was Bernie Grant, I think. It wasn't until he was elected and was about to make his maiden speech that my wife said something to the tune of, 'Oh thats the MP for ??.' and very much as an afterthought, 'I wonder if his family is from Jamaica.'