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Black ‘Mobs’ Attack White Patrons Outside Wis. State Fair

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Fine, you want to discuss the event, let's begin

Every week if one reads multiple newspapers, one reads of a family in hopeless financial straites, becoming victims of murder suicide.

Blacks suffer far great finacial derpivation than whites during hard times, especialy young uneducated and unskilled.

The un-employment figures are skewed, (as we all know) but the part that is seldom discussed is the disparity of un-employment with regards to income, specificaly, at or above $150K salary, unemployment is 1% or about the number of those voluntarily between jobs regardless of the economy. As we recede down the income scale, the number of un-employed increases in inverse proportion to income. At $40K we see about 9% or whatever it happens to be today. When we reach $10K the percentage jumps to a staggering 40%. Remember, these figures are based on un-employment statistics. These are people who WANT to work. Further, without doubt, the numbers are even higher for blacks.

Milwaukee is an industrial city, like Detroit. The industrial states have been hit hardest of all by un-employment. Young black men who live there are likely financialy hopeless, more so than a working person can imagine in their wildest nightmares.

Armegeddon is coming rich white conservative mutherfuckers. It has started already, where the pain is the greatest. As the economic pain spreads and increases, your neighborhood will not be safe either. The rich, of course know all this, and are ready for it, since they caused it by their over the top greed. The rich had enough to be comfortable and then some. It was madness on their part to crush and break so many familys and spirits so that they might have a little bit more, and they will deserve what they get as they are slaughtered. This lastest Tea Party madness is but the icing on the cake. Is it really that hard to study the french revolution, to know what comes next?

Calling it about race is one way the well to do, the comfortable and the wealthy can deny the reality of what they have created, nothing more.

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