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The lie is the only tool of the GOP

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You wouldn't think so, yet that is their only tactic. The truth cannot be used at all, since it implicates them and their designs.

Hence posters such as Dixie, the babbling denier of truth,
SuperFreak, whose only super power is the ability to constantly change the topic in a barrage of irelevant factiods,
Yurt the ancle biter who only attacks the messenger, never the message,
Damp Hankie who obdurately denies the facts till no one can be bothered to counter his claims any longer, then claims a win
The Skank sisters, see Yurt above
and the rash (more like fungi) of ignorant conservatards who simply parrot Fox news talking points, and worst of all, beleive every ridiculous assertion they utter.

The entire right wing propaganda machine is built on the single premise that a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth...for some.
Unfortunately, for some time now, that gullible "some", those stupid enough to repeatedly vote against their own best interests has been enough to keep them in power.

Poll after poll recently though, have shown that far more than 1/2 the population is now clearly aware of facts of the case, that jobs matter more right now than deficit reduction, that the rich and their servants in congress are willing to sacrifice NOTHING of their own to secure said deficit reduction, in fact, the rich and their servants care not a wisp whether those most dependent on the safety nets known as entitlements (and paid for in advance by their beneficiaries) simply die of starvation, insuffient medical care or lack of heat in the winter or cooling in the summer.

As people become more aware of the vast screwing which has/is occuring, they will become more curious, and the truth will become impossible to contain/withhold.

I laugh at the future of the GOP. Either they lose by the vote, or they will mortaly lose. I hope it is the former, since so many innocents are killed in armed insurrection, and so many guilty escape justice, but one way or another this top heavy cart will tip soon.

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