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Chronic Complaints

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It seems, to me, that these day's political discussion seems rife with the, "America is being ruined", which is rather the political version of the "Things today aren't what they used to be". The remarks that the "America isn't what the founders intended" also hold little ground. Why should they get a vote, they're dead, England doesn't run on what Henry VIII or Elizabeth I wanted, Russia sure doesn't care what Czar Nicholas would have thought, Italy isn't bothered by the policies of Octavius. So why should we run everything past "What Ben Franklin would have liked" they put in the ability to amend the constitution for a reason, so we wouldn't be bound by old ghosts for all eternity.
America isn't being "Ruined" its being changed, if you dislike that change, say so but don't pretend there is a holy version of America which was designed to be perfect for ever and ever and ever. And please when you flame this don't use terms like "You hate America" and "It's this kind of thinking that's the reason the country is going south" I don't hate America, or at least not most of it, but look at it like this, if things were to get better this could be a chance to hate it even less!

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