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Greta Thunberg

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[QUOTE=Taichiliberal;3301699][QUOTE=Havana Moon;3299933]
Originally Posted by Taichiliberal
Hmmm, obviously this is some jackass who I humiliated on some other discussion board years ago …. and is STILL a right wing jackass.
Tell me something, toodles, since the chronology of the posts shows that the ONLY person to bring up race in this discussion is YOU, how does that justify your assertions and allegations here? Because I called you out? Puh-leeze, a person would have to be a new kind of stupid to buy that one in a printed exchange.

As I said, neither you or your brethren can fault the content of the kid's speech, so you attempt to slander her and/or discredit her with character assassination. You failed. Grow up and deal.

Please explain to the reading audience why you felt the need to post this,[/QUOTE]

Fuck you, stick your chronology of the posts up your arse. I've never met anyone that employs so many bloody clichés and hackneyed phrases. I have known you nearly ten years and you've always been the same. I used to implore you to lighten up in the past but gave up as it was like flogging a dead horse.[/QUOTE]

Awww, hit a nerve did I toodles? Is is because you're just too damned stupid to realize that you can't BS your way in a debate when there's a record of everything you stated within easy reach? And how that record catches your lies and attempted dodges?

Since you couldn't prove your point in a simple debate, you lash out in frustration with a racial innuendo, [I][B][COLOR="#0000FF"]"He is a black guy from New York, he only ever deals in absolutes, everything is black and white to him, no shades of grey".[/COLOR][/B][/I]

And now that your prose reveals your geographic origin, it reveals a ethnic bigotry as well......the kind some Europeans exhibit when an American has the audacity to be right and show your error.

Grow the hell up, toodles….stop being a foot stool for a system that won't do a damn thing for you as things get worse. Only a POS would try to character assassinate a child.[/QUOTE]

Only pieces of shit would use a scientifically illiterate child to hide behind. Obviously so that they can say the same bullshit as you.

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  1. moon's Avatar
    Coronavirus lockdown leads to improved air quality
    Economic slowdown as a result of COVID-19 is no substitute for climate action, experts stress.

    Efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus pandemic have slashed economic activity and resulted in localised improvements in air quality, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has said.

    Shame about maggot's stock market portfolio, eh G ?

    maggot is a non-entity, moon, yesterday's dinosaur. maggot's need to be extinct.