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(41) Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals(2)

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Specifically, politicians use warped and redistributionist fiscal and tax policies — such as giving tax incentives to trade unions, government programs, and minority enterprises — while increasing taxes on other enterprises and the wealthy. The result is that the beneficiaries of those policies (including the poor, trade unions, and so on) become reliant on the politicians who favor them, and then support them in elections. These “soak the rich” and high-tax policies are used to support governmental projects that encourages the wealthy and entrepreneurs (who don’t want their money taken and squandered) to leave the city, with the result that the opponents of the policies are fewer. Such politicians then have a stable, long-term hold on that area, and can build their political machine. At the same time, the taxation and job opportunities in the city decrease year by year, and eventually the city goes bankrupt.

The Forbes article points out that the influence of the Curley Effect is widespread, affecting the top ten poorest cities with a population of more than 250,000 in the United States. Today, one rich Western state, which has been mostly controlled by politicians on the Left, is facing the consequences of these policies. [11]

The Left also changes the meaning of words. For example, for conservatives “equality” means, roughly speaking, having equal opportunities. In this way, people will be able to compete fairly, and a natural meritocracy is formed. For leftists, however, the term means equal outcomes — meaning that whether or not people work hard, they receive the same outcome as others who don’t.

Conservatives believe that tolerance is inclusive of different beliefs and opinions; when personal interests are harmed, people should be broad-minded and generous. The Left often understands tolerance to mean tolerance of sin. Their understanding of freedom and justice differs quite markedly from the traditional concepts. Social-engineering policies, like celebrating homosexuality, having men and women use the same bathroom, legalizing marijuana, and other policies that undermine human ethics are all dubbed “progressive,” as if they were somehow moral advancements. In reality, all these policies undermine the moral laws laid down by God for man. This is how the policies on the left-wing of the political spectrum end up undermining morality. The communist evil specter uses this style of politics for its own ends.

In the past, people believed that the United States was a truly free society and the last bastion against communism. But today, people see clearly that high taxation, a highly developed welfare state, collectivism, big government, social democracy, “social equality,” and the like — all derived in one way or another from socialist and Marxist-Leninist ideological DNA — are enshrined in policies and put into practice. In particular, the younger generation simply isn’t aware of the history of brutality in communist countries. They yearn for and pursue an illusory ideal, and are deceived by the new guise that communism has taken on. The result is that they unknowingly walk on a road to ruin.
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