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State of Mankind

(9) When people stray from the will of gods...

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Mankind’s orthodox culture was imparted by gods. While maintaining the normal operation of human society, the most important role of divinely inspired culture is to provide a means for humanity to understand the divine Law taught in the final epoch and to be saved from elimination.

Divinely inspired culture cautions people to guard against the devil’s conspiracies, so the devil employs covert means of cutting people off from their traditions and destroying their cultures. To abolish the traditional outlook toward life and moral values, the devil invented many lofty goals, guiding people to spend their lives in struggle and to sacrifice themselves for these warped new ideals.

For thousands of years, traditional education preserved and passed on mankind’s exquisite culture. It assumed the guiding role for people to be compassionate, maintain their moral virtue, master professional skills, and be good people and citizens. Beginning in the 19th century, the nations of Europe and America established systems of free public education.

However, at the start of the 20th century, public schools began indoctrinating students against tradition and morality. The theory of evolution became required learning. Textbooks were slowly filled with atheism, materialism, and class struggle as the devil expanded its control over their contents. Traditional culture, exemplified by the great literary classics, was at odds with the demonic ideological current and was incrementally marginalized.

Intelligent and thoughtful students were lured into following the devil’s ideology, which threw their brilliance into the pursuit of non-issues, leaving them unversed in the essentials of life and society. Prolonged class hours separated children from the care of their parents and the environment of their families, force-feeding them the devil’s ideology from youth.

Under the slogan of “independent thinking,” students were encouraged to break with tradition and despise their parents and teachers, bringing them up to be anti-tradition and anti-authority. Academic standards were gradually lowered, impacting students’ mathematical and literary ability. They were fed “politically correct” narratives on history and social studies and were immersed in vulgar entertainment.

In countries ruled by the devil, students are brainwashed with its demonic ideology in a virtually secluded environment, from kindergarten through higher education. When they graduate and enter society, their minds are full of twisted logic.

Upright traditional arts came from gods, first appearing in temples, churches, and other places of worship. True art presents truthfulness, kindness, beauty, and rectitude, helping maintain an orthodox moral culture.

The devil uses degenerate art to destroy traditional culture. With the excuse of “presenting reality,” it introduced impressionism to visual arts and realism, and naturalism to literature. Under the guise of “innovation” and “criticizing reality,” it introduced expressionism, abstract art, modernism, postmodernism, and so on. The sublime, noble, and pure are ridiculed, while the vulgar and shameless are lauded.

Garbage has occupied the halls of art. Cacophonous beats and obscene noise are now called “music.” Dark, sinister paintings depict things of the netherworld. Moral boundaries are broken under the guise of performance art. Many youths are diehard fans of degenerate celebrities.

The devil deceives people by using all means to control their sources of information, principally the mass media. In countries where it has political power, the media are propaganda machines run by the Communist Party. Elsewhere, it uses freedom of expression to bury serious reporting and discussion in an avalanche of fake news, vulgar content, and trivial sensationalism.

Financial incentives are used to control the media, thus allowing the devil to hijack public opinion. Most people, being occupied with personal business and their own interests, are unable to discern the relevant issues and facts from the deluge of information. The voices of the few who possess the wisdom and courage to identify the devil’s conspiracy are drowned out and marginalized by the noise, allowing them to have no impact on the overall picture.

The devil promotes degenerate lifestyles, sexual freedom, and homosexuality. It encourages gambling and drugs, creating a population of addicts. Youth are glued to electronic devices and video games filled with violence, pornography, and abominations.

Gods arranged the traditional professions in human society, allowing people to retain the memory of gods and maintain their connection to the divine through their work. The devil cannot tolerate this.

The devil sent countless demons to infest and undermine traditional walks of life. In the name of innovation, those seeking fame and gain cooked up all kinds of deviant “creations,” filling the world with eccentric and degenerate trends.

When people stray from the will of gods, they lose interest in the true purpose of being human. Eventually, they will fall to the devil and be destroyed.

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