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State of Mankind - How much do you know?

(7) One righteous thought conquers one hundred evils

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Human civilization was transmitted to man by gods. Chinese civilization has seen the prosperity of the Han and Tang dynasties, and Western civilization reached its peak during the Renaissance. If human beings can maintain the civilization that gods gave to them, then when gods return, man will be able to maintain a connection with them and understand the Law that they teach. If humans destroy their culture and tradition, and the morality of society collapses, then when gods return, people will fail to understand their divine teachings because their karma and sins are too great and their thinking has departed so far from the instructions of the divine. This is dangerous for mankind.

This is an era of both despair and hope, existing simultaneously. Those who don’t believe in God pass lives of sensuous pleasure; those who believe in God await His return in confusion and restlessness.

Communism is a scourge of humanity. Its goal is the destruction of mankind, and its arrangements are meticulous and specific. The conspiracy has been so successful that it has almost been carried out to completion, and now the devil is ruling our world.

The ancient wisdom of mankind tells us this: One righteous thought conquers one hundred evils, and when a person’s Buddha-nature emerges, it shakes the world in ten directions. The devil seems powerful, but it is nothing before God. If humans can maintain their sincerity, kindness, compassion, tolerance, and patience, they will be protected by God, and the devil will have no dominion over them.

The mercy of the Creator is limitless, and every life has a chance to escape catastrophe. If humankind can restore tradition, elevate morality, and hear the compassionate call of the Creator and the Heavenly Law that provides salvation, man will be able to break through the devil’s attempt at destruction, embark on the road to salvation, and move toward the future.

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