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Mindless Ramblings

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This first paragraph is the only part that has an actual theme. I'm bored, love to write, and feel like you all should glimpse into the awesomeness of my life.

I really think I'm as awesome as I say I am. Seriously, I'm the greatest human being ever. It's not that I'm better or more deserving than anyone, they're just not as good as me.

I wish I could play an instrument. The only musical talent I have is good ears and if I knew the scale, I could write some kickass metal. Alas, all I can do now is air guitar. With imaginary chords.

I'm buying another gun (what a fucking shock). A PSL 54c. Most people would confuse it for a Dragunov, but it's different in a few ways. Here's a picture for the cosmetic differences;

The operating system in the PSL is basically just an enlarged AK, whereas the Dragunov is based on a completely different short stroke system. I don't have a picture of those differences. Anyways I couldn't afford a Dragunov right now.

I can't wait for riding season again. This will be my first full season on the road. Might even make Sturgis.

I was looking at what kind of checks to get, but none were as 'eccentric' as I wanted, so I called the company and asked if they could use a drawing my wife made of me punching a zombies' head in with a spiked metal gauntlet. Sadly, they declined.

I think I am too much of a packrat/collector. I collect EVERYTHING. I have one bottle from every different beer I've ever tried. I also have every single CD of bands I like, even though I don't like certain CDs. It's madness.

Speaking of madness, am I still the only person who thinks yelling "THIS IS SPARTA!" and kicking my house door open every day is funny?

That is all for now.

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  1. Minister of Truth's Avatar
    Good blog, on the whole (I've only read like two others on the site). My only question: if you are so great, how come you can't play an instrument? Also, yelling "this is SPARTA!" is quite funny, although I imagine the B&E money you have to spend on your door is not (I suspect if your wife is upset, this is why). I'm a guy who is stuck in 1999, and still likes to say "Tiiight!" and call people a "renob," etc.
  2. FUCK THE POLICE's Avatar
  3. /MSG/'s Avatar
    I don't have to spend any money on the door. My dad was kind enough to teach me how to fix everything (I do literally mean everything) around the house.
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