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"Florida Gets Welfare From New York"

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"New York doesn’t add to Florida’s bills—we pay them. In 2017 Florida took nearly $46 billion more from the federal government than it contributed, making it the No. 2 “grantee” state in the nation. New York is the No. 1 “donor” state. In 2017 we gave the federal government $36 billion more than we got back. The curtailment of SALT deductibility takes this gross imbalance and supercharges it, costing New Yorkers another $14 billion each year."

"But SALT was never about economics. It was about politics. Its explicit purpose was to weaponize the federal tax system against predominantly Democratic states. The 12 states most hurt by the limitations on deductibility all voted against President Trump in 2016."

"GOP purports to oppose policies of “redistribution” but President Trump and the federal government are the true redistributors of wealth—not from rich to poor, but from blue states to red states."

He could have also added income redistribution from the middle class to the top, amazing how the same people now supposedly hate socialism are in fact some of the greatest proponents of income redistribution

It is Red State Socialism, fact, southern red states living off the blue states dime, yet they'll be the first to label another a "socialist" or "commie," the hypocrisy couldn't be deeper
How many military bases does New York support versus how many bases does Florida support? That is where some of that money goes sport. It only stands to reason Nre York is rich so by liberal logic it only stands to reason New York should pay more. LMAO.

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