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Melanoma undressed

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[QUOTE=Nomad;2876274][QUOTE=Centerleftfl;2876186][SIZE=3][FONT=arial]There are a helluva lot more revealing pictures than those! And you might want to download them for posterity! [B]MELANIA'S 'modeling' photos are being PURGED 1 by 1. [/B] You gotta really search. Especially the one with the girl on girl action. That's getting harder to find.

I have them stored in a file called [B]TRASH.[/B] And even this BOARD of low standards would probably bounce me for posting them. Talk about irony. [B]Public[/B] PORN PICTURES of the [B]FIRST LADY[/B] and I would be SCRUBBED from a POLITICAL BOARD for daring to post them.

Welcome to TRUMP world.[/FONT][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=cawacko;2876190]Take one for the team and post them. Forget politics she’s a smoke show.[/QUOTE]


Adultery, golden showers, fucking porn stars and lusting after underage girls is perfectly acceptable behaviour in trump's fucking shit hole country AmeriKKKa.

But only if you are a republicunt of course.

If a liberal even looks at another woman who isn't his wife - then the republicunts will start a campaign to execute them.

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