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The Chinese Communist Party Does Not Represent the Chinese People

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The Chinese Communist Party Does Not Represent the Chinese People

Michael R. Pompeo


Hudson Institute’s China Center presents a new series, entitled “Evening Chats with Mike Pompeo: A Message to the Chinese People.” In this series, 70th US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo speaks directly to the Chinese people about the Chinese Communist Party and US-China relations.

In this first episode, Pompeo explains that despite its rhetoric the Chinese Communist Party is a totalitarian, one-party government that neither represents the Chinese people nor governs in their interests.

Learn more about the China Center here.


Welcome to the Hudson Institute’s China Center.

I’m Mike Pompeo, 70th U.S. secretary of state, now chairman of the Advisory Board of tes new Center. As you can imagine there is a lot job security in this gig than my last one, and the coffee is a lot better here than at Foggy Bottom as well.
我是美国第 70 任国务卿迈克·蓬佩奥,现在是这个新中心的顾问委员会主席。正如你可以想象的那样,这个差使比 我前一任工作 更加穩定,而且这里的咖啡比美国国务院的咖啡好得多。

Our goal with these videos is pretty simple: To talk directly to the Chinese people about U.S.-China relations. That’s what we’ll start doing with this series over the next few months, and we’ll keep it up.
我们制作这些视频的目的很简单:那就是要直接与中国人民谈论美中关系。这就是我们将在接下来的 几个月里要做 的事情,我们会不断为此努力。

There’s a reason we’re doing this: The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t represent the Chinese people. It’s that simple.

The CCP is a one-party, totalitarian political organization committed to a foreign, anti-Chinese ideology. It started out as a group of brutal, radical extremists. And frankly, not much has changed.
中共是一个一党专政的政治组织,它是一个泊来品,并且致力于一个与中国人民为敌的意识形态。它 最初是一群殘 暴激进的极端分子,坦率地讲,这种本性一直没有太大变化。

The worst mass murderer in history was Mao. His victims were mostly Chinese.

The same is true of Deng Xiaoping, who murdered pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square.

And Xi Jinping continues that communist legacy even today.

There is no bigger enemy for the CCP than you, the Chinese people. I know this is true because all my interactions with the CCP leaders convinced me that what the CCP truly cares about is maintaining their stranglehold over the Chinese people. That’s it—that’s their paramount interest. The CCP hates the United States because they are paranoid that the Chinese people will be inspired by the example of American freedom, the world’s oldest and most influential democracy.

对于中共来说,你们—也就是中国人民—是它的最大的敌人。我知道这个判断是正确的,因为我与中 共领导人的所 有互动都让我相信,中共真正关心的是如何保持对中国人民的控制。对啦,这才是中共最在乎的事。 中共憎恨美国 ,因为他们担心中国人民会受到美国自由民主榜样的启发,而美国是这个世界上最古老、最有影响力 的民主国家。

I’ve gotten to know the work of brave Chinese freedom fighters like Cardinal Zen, Jimmy Lai from Hong Kong, and countless others who try to hold the regime accountable.
我知道勇敢的为自由而战的华人的事迹,他们包括香港的陈日君红衣主教和黎智英先生,以及无数追 求政权责任制 的其他普通中国老百姓。

There are a lot of heroes, in small ways and big, throughout China. They’re the people who worship in secret houses, who commemorate Tiananmen Square, and who every day refuse to believe the CCP’s lies.
无数大大小小的英雄遍布全中国。他们或是地下礼拜堂參拜者、或是天安门屠殺追悼者,或是每天都 拒绝相信中共 谎言的人。

But the worst lie the CCP tells is that it speaks on behalf of China, and of Chinese civilization.

And I think that the CCP knows it’s a lie.

If Beijing thought it represented the Chinese people, it wouldn’t spend more on domestic repression and surveillance than it does on external defense.

If it represented the Chinese people, it would hold a free and fair election tomorrow.

But it won’t. The so-called People’s Republic seems to have a problem with its own people.

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