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Floridians are pissed!

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Governor DeSatin spent money on "Don't Say Gay laws" and shipping Texas immigrants to Martha's Vineyard.

Now a million Floridians are out of power, that would have been money better spent hardening the electrical grid for such a situation.

Shame on him!
Why are they pissed off? These ingrates, these losers, the Cuban magots and senior depend wearing fucks, rallied behind this man for years. These same ppl kicked Charlie to the curb for huggin a gotdman black man for saying thank you, so why are these mf's pissed?? The people of Florida is getting exactly what the hell they deserve and I hope it takes decades for them to rebuild. And I wish Biden would just hand them all paper towels and say have at it, you ANTI GOVERNMENT RACIST SUPPORTING LOSERS!!

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