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Well the Bees Survived the Winter...

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As the title suggests, my bee hive is thriving after its first winter. It's always interesting to look into a hive and see only females with no drones, but the girls kill the drones at the beginning of winter as they add nothing to the hive but mouths, the queen will be laying a few drone cells soon and there should be some of the hairy beasts in there for my summertime.

What I thought was a plethora of honey for them to eat over the winter has been pared down to one tiny frame of honey and another half-frame. I guess I left the right amount behind for them.

The ladies appeared hale and hearty, there were many of them and new brood in the chambers, the queen looked healthy and is still laying an amazing pattern. I'm hoping to get my first harvest this year, and to sell a bit of honey to boot. I may even start a new hive.

Always leave them laughing...

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  1. charver's Avatar
    Who are you kidding, Damo?

    I bet you're loving it. Running around the garden amongst your apian concubines, safe in the knowledge that you're the only male for miles around.

    Anyway, i only hope you have enough hats to attire a second hive.
    Updated 04-28-2009 at 11:54 AM by charver (avian apian turmoil.)
  2. Damocles's Avatar
    That is a problem, my wife is having problems knitting the hats for the second hive. Can't have the girls dressed the same, you know how they hate that.