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Kerry reverts to his roots

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[QUOTE=christiefan915;1313275]"Kerry's [URL=""]Bronze Star[/URL] has been criticized by former Swift Boat commander Larry Thurlow. During the incident leading to the medal, Thurlow was in overall tactical command of five boats, including Kerry's. The incident began when one of the boats struck a mine. [B]In 2004 Thurlow[/B], along with two other SBVT members,[B] alleged that [URL=""]Kerry's citation[/URL] for bravery under fire is false because neither Kerry's boat nor any of the others was under hostile fire.[/B]..


Although it is not mentioned in [I]Unfit for Command[/I], [B]Thurlow himself was awarded a Bronze Star for his actions during the same incident. Thurlow's citation includes several phrases indicating hostile fire such as "despite enemy bullets flying about him" and "enemy small arms and automatic weapons fire", and speaks of fire directed at "all units" of the five-boat fleet[/B].[SUP][URL=""][37][/URL][/SUP] Thurlow's medal recommendation, signed by Elliott, used the phrasing "under constant enemy small arms fire."

Looks like Thurlow wants it both ways. They were both on the boats but he was under fire while Kerry was not. :rolleyes:

And the cow jumped over the moon...


and the dickbag Eliot gave Kerry the TOP fitness report in his unit... OVER Thurlow... and then, thirty years later, he went to Boston during Kerry's senatorial campaign and told crowds what a hero he was... and THEN... when the swifties came calling (probably with a sack of cash) he changed his story and said that Kerry was "unfit for command"... and THEN, after the election, he said he regretted his statements...weaseling lying sack of shit... and someone that PiMP holds up as a fucking icon. Fuck Eliot. Fuck Thurlow...and FUCK PiMP.

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