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Goodbye And Good Riddance

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Goodbye, and good riddance By Leonard Pitts Jr. Syndicated columnist

"“If you want to leave, take good care, hope you make a lot of nice friends out there.”

— From the song “Wild World” by Cat Stevens

This is for those of you who’ve chosen to quit your jobs rather than submit to a vaccine mandate.

No telling how many of you there actually are, but lately, you’re all over the news. Just last week, a nearly-30-year veteran of the San Jose Police Department surrendered his badge rather than comply with the city’s requirement that all employees be inoculated against COVID-19. He joins an Army lieutenant colonel, some airline employees, a Major League Baseball executive, the choral director of the San Francisco Symphony, workers at the tax collector’s office in Orange County, Florida, and, incredibly, dozens of health care professionals.

Well, on behalf of the rest of us, the ones who miss concerts, restaurants and other people’s faces, the ones who are sick and tired of living in pandemic times, here’s a word of response to you quitters: Goodbye.

And here’s two more: Good riddance.


So if you’re angry, guess what? You’re not the only ones.

The difference is, your anger is dumb, and ours is not. Yours is about being coerced to do something you don’t want to do. Like that’s new. Like you’re not already required to get vaccinated to start school or travel to other countries. For that matter, you’re also required to mow your lawn, cover your hindparts and, yes, wear a seat belt. So you’re mad at government and your job for doing what they’ve always done.

But the rest of us, we’re mad at you. Because this thing could have been over by now, and you’re the reason it isn’t.

That’s why we were glad President Joe Biden stopped asking nicely, started requiring vaccinations everywhere he had power to do so. We were also glad when employers followed suit. And if that’s a problem for you, then, yes, goodbye, sayonara, auf Wiedersehen, adios and adieu. We’ll miss you, to be sure. But you’re asking us to choose between your petulance and our lives.

And that’s really no choice at all."

And we also bid goodbye forever to those who have made the wrong choice and paid for it with their lives.

May they vote no more.
The author of this post and those of you who "Thanked" it are now in a position to see, first hand, how the media 'manages' your opinions by denying you the information which might cause you to have your own view of things and better understand this situation as well as most other contentious issues in the news differently than how they want you to perceive it.

And that's the perfect segue to explain why anti-vaxxing is such a noble position to take.

I wonder if any of you, who agree with the thread starter's sentiments, understand that Conservatives really, truly and greatly object to even this SEEMINGLY well intentioned government encroachment on our freedom.

You all may not realize that there really are Marxists in the position to influence federal policies, but even with the power of their offices or positions, there was never any way they could justify violating our sovereignty like they have with Covid.

Covid gives them the support of a large number of Americans to use public opinion to force Americans to submit to government edict.

Your media, which acts in concert with the White House by making excuses for Biden & crew and sugar coating his moves to advance un-American agendas, is how they program us to eagerly give our sovereignty to the government. A government, whose goal is to be our bosses.

Anti-vaxxers are the modern day version of Minutemen and Minutewomen. They are putting their health, wealth, reputations and freedom on the line to thwart this power grab.

But maybe the msm programming is covering up more than the reason anti-vaxxers are my heroes.

They are hiding the evidence that masks and vaccines might not work.

In Singapore, now that they have more than 80% of their population vaxxed, they just went from fewer than 100 cases of Covid per day, to more than 2,000/day as of August 29, 2021.

Singapore’s COVID-19 reopening struggle a warning for Australia | Coronavirus | 9 News Australia

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