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I'm all alone please look at me

Planes, Complaints, and Indie Girls.

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Hello Internets, it's Grind again.

So recently I was down in Florida catching some sun over the weekend. Not much happened it was cold etc

On the way home I had my nice comfy window seat on the airplane, when I noticed that a group of about 20-25 girls my age were getting on the plane. "Sweet" i thought, maybe a hot one will be forced to sit next to me. Apparently it was some team from brown university, so I felt pretty dumb already, knowing that they would be clogging up the cabin.

As my luck often turns out, I got the ugliest one to sit next to me. She had like 15 piercings in her face and was all dark and stuff. I could totally have talked to her about indie music but instead I didn't say anything for the entire flight, LOL. I was actually with my brother too and he was in the middle seat so he acted as a good buffer zone.

When landing, I was stoked about the great time I was making and how I would be home shortly, when I noticed I had lost my parking ticket. (I so put that thing in my wallet wtf...)

So I pull up to the gate and im like "whatevs just charge me extra i don't care just let me out." However this did not work so well. Unfortunately for me the guy at the gate couldn't't understand english at all and so I was very confused at what I had to do. Eventually another non english speaking guy says he will look up my information, so I get out of my car, and then he gets in his car and drives off leaving me behind. Im like.. wtf?

I go to the gate and I say to pablo, "ummm why did that guy drive off? he said he was going to look up my flight information for me but he doesnt' have any of my details? The gate guy so poetically lets me know..."um hey that's the guy you need to talk to he shouldn't have left" And I'm like "......"

So they call the guy back, after another 15 minutes, and he manages to communicate that I would have to reprint my itinary. I mean he could have told me this earlier but that's no fun...

So I go all the back to the terminal, when I notice that the ticketing counter is closed for the night - awesome. So now I have no one to talk to to get my itinary.

I finally end up talking to some baggage claim lady that I guess thinks Im the biggest idiot in the world for losing my parking ticket, but she doesn't have any record of me FLYING! They purge lists after 48 hours. So now I have no proof of when I have arrived in the long term parking lot. This is all starting to wear very thin.

Eventually though, I think she just figured I wouldn't have pulled a random flight time out of my ass and gave me the benefit of the doubt and signed off on something.

So I was finally free. Instead of going home though I decided to go to foxwoods with my brother instead, contributing to the overall irresponsibility of my life when I had class today at 9 am.

Until next time internets,

fuck you.

- Grind

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Updated 02-17-2009 at 08:52 PM by BRUTALITOPS

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  1. Damocles's Avatar
    The lost ticket... That's Karma telling you to stop saying "fuck you"...
  2. FUCK THE POLICE's Avatar
    You should've just drove out and broke the gate, all movie-ish, once you figured out about the ticket. One of the cute girls may have seen it and probably would've had sex with you for doing something so awesome.

    But nope. Your dick was dry that night. All because you don't think.
  3. Timshel's Avatar
    That really sucked. I was thinking it was going to connect at the end, but no.