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WOT! No trailers?

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Dressed in a bright yellow oilskin, hooded over a matching hard hat, the young reporter told us of the devastation following last night's typhoon.

'There are lots of leaves and twigs on the floor', she announced, 'although the wind and rain has died down considerably. There are still no ferries operating to the outlying islands.'

Well that was a relief!

But last night we were running round the apartment with buckets and towels as water leaked through sealed windows and through aircons. We were in the middle of a T10 typhoon. The highest since 1999. We start with a T1, then it is upgraded to T3 then T8,9 and 10. The building, all 27 floors, rocked as if we had been hit by an earthquake. The lights swayed and, lying in bed was like the early stages of a sea voyage.

Reassuringly I told 'er indoors, that were the building not to sway it would be in danger of collapse and at the same moment from somewhere not 100 metres away came the sound of shattering glass!

'Honestly', I said, 'Its true.'

This morning's TV reported the extent of the devastation. 352 reports of fallen trees, buses on reduced service, all schools, courts, government offices, etc etc would be closed for the day.

We were warned, when first we arrived in Hong Kong, of flying trees, of boats washed into streets, of buildings collapsing, mountains falling biblically into the sea. But nothing happened. Now when there is a typhoon we watch from the window as the locals panic. Oh boy, do they love a panic!

So, this morning the dryer is working overtime as the towels and teacloths used last night to stem the water are washed and dried. Meanwhile we assess the damage in preparation for a possible insurance claim. One roll of kitchen towel. One old reference book soaked. A deck of cards left on a windowsill, a couple of those silly make up packs also left on a windowsill.
How will we ever recover?

Few people will be about this morning as it is the tradition that when a number 8 warning is in force, everyone plays mah jong all night! Everyone who is Chinese, that is. After running round with towels and buckets we went to bed and slept.

So, all in all, it was something of a disappointment. Perhaps if we had trailer parks and wooden houses things would have been more fun. But we haven't so we just carry on.

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  1. Phantasmal's Avatar
    Glad you are okay.
  2. Damocles's Avatar
    Flying trees? That's it? Well, then. Glad you survived.
  3. christiefan915's Avatar
    Happy to hear you came out of it unscathed. I have to come down firmly on Mrs. Low's side, if I were in a swaying building with a typhoon roaring outside, I'd be on my knees and the engineering explanation wouldn't be calming enough.