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Where Did Intelligence Come From?

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Is intelligence a byproduct of evolution? What about personal identity?

To describe what "personal identity" is, it's when you are aware of you.

Intelligence and personal identity are two separate things.

No, not a byproduct, mutual part of mutually timed apart as ancestral displacements occupying space now. Series parallel events between erosion of universal position and decomposing ancestries lived so far in the same atmosphere next generations still being added or never again.

Evolutio is total sum evolved and evolving as cycled within being part of the exchanging forms changing shape now.

Kinetics are moving, static is induced by the perpetual motion of limited matter manifesting ever changing forms shaped here from now on.

personal identity as what one is instinctively ancestrally present and who teach one rather be in social circles of pretending biology doesn't eternally separate results now.

Only one species can, and does with great peril applied within itself trying to make everyone prove eternity is beyond mutually evolving here now.

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