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Trump's father was a tax cheat

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The Ninth Commandment has nothing to do with lying, it is about your neighbor.

The Men and Women sitting here with you today.

It is about your flock.

It is about your shepherd.

And one of our shepherds is suffering.

The pain of his loss reverberates throughout this congregation.

And his suffering is not over.

Because Satan has found an open window.

And he is climbing through.

The Ninth Commandment forbids speaking against your neighbor in any manner.

It forbids us from destroying his reputation ... from threatening his position or the sanctity of his family.

Because his family is your family. His flock is your flock.

But Satan does not attack the flock.

He attacks the shepherd.

He attacks him by tricking your mind, by making you see what he wants you to see.

And when he has destroyed the shepherd, we are a flock no more.

We are merely lambs awaiting the slaughter.

Father Bob

Yellowstone S1 E2

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