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Trump's father was a tax cheat

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Sounds like you are already setting the table for trumps indictment . Of course Donald could never do anything wrong. He never makes a mistake or has to apologize. Naturally when you are a perfect human being you can never be guilty.
Being a Leftist, and by inference, usually mistaken, it might be easy to believe that someone who is rightly praised for being so often right as Trump is and has been over his adult career, is believed by his fans to be "perfect."

We know he isn't always right. He is human.

But we know he is usually right and that those who attack him are so seldom right (starting from even their raison d'être* - Progressivism, Marxism, and/or religious theocracy) that they strike out at him with every hare brained accusation and use every possible tactic or device as a cudgel** to destroy him because his attackers can't win an honest election and they can't stand to see him make America stronger and better along his lines of excellence instead of along the pathway to doom that his dishonest, cheating, low-intellect and un-American enemy scoundrels want.

Keep in mind all of the buildings Trump has built.

You can't fake a blueprint. You can't pass building codes by using social justice theory. You have to be exact. You have to be correct. And as someone who has excelled, throughout his entire business career at usually being right, on time, legal and sensitive to the needs and concerns of his highly educated and sophisticated business and government clients and tenants, you have to assume that Trump REALLY IS almost always right.

The few failures and disappointments he has had are akin to (but make for a better average than) Babe Ruth's .690 career slugging percentage. ***

He's had some regrets, but they are far fewer than anyone with his success.

And those with your basic premise, that our government should be more like your ideals, ideals which have NEVER EVER EVER succeeded or achieved anywhere near the success of the American model, which enabled US to grow from 13 Colonies to the leader of the World in less than 250 years.

In 100 years Communism has enslaved and impoverished billions and killed 100 million.

The things that Donald Trump does and has done for America dwarf anything that any POTUS has done in any one term since Lincoln. I will say that FDR comes in 2nd place only because, even though he did orchestrate our conduct of WWII, Roosevelt was not plagued with the internal enemies and electronic media that Trump has had to deal with. And keep in mind that FDR conducted a secret romance while POTUS. Trump never did anything to bring discredit to America or the office, once he was sworn in.

And contrast that with all 8 of Biden's real or alleged sexual improprieties and corruption allegations or perversions which took place while Biden served as a US Senator or as Vice President.

Trump was a monumentally great President and it is a crime and a sin that the enemies of America have seduced America into becoming party to his attempted destruction.

* Raison d'être definition is - reason or justification for existence.

** cudg•el kŭj′əl► n. A short heavy stick; a club.

*** (Babe Ruth) "... was such a prodigious power hitter that his astounding .690 career slugging percentage remains the best of all time, and the gap between his mark and second place is larger than the one between second place and ninth."

So what is slugging percentage?

Slugging percentage is a statistic that measures how proficient a batter is at hitting so-called extra-base hits: doubles, triples, and home runs. A player’s slugging percentage represents the number of bases they earn per at bat. The stat is calculated by taking total bases and dividing by at bats.

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