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Oooops, Michelle?

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Originally Posted by PostmodernProphet

are you still trying to play that fucking lie?......I know that liberals think if you repeat a lie often enough it turns into the truth, but the fact is, nobody here is stupid enough to believe you so it isn't going to work.....

[QUOTE=poet;995629]Ooooh, do I detect someone's buttons being pushed? You see, I, in fact, win. If I hadn't hit the nail so precisely "on its' head", you wouldn't react so. That's what I have over you. Intelligence. Resourcefulness. And command of language. And you're mistaken. Quite a few liberals, and I dare say, "conservatives", see you for what you are, because of me. I have exposed you for the charlatan, liar, thief, and court jester that you are. And there is no need for me to repeat the findings....only that you know that I know "the real deal".

So, continue your little "sad display", here, and over at the other forum. I said my goodbye to Tom, and told him to wish my supporters there well. But I won't be at a forum without ethics, morals or fair play. As much as I have mixed feelings about this place, Damocles, is fair, and keeps you girls in line. So enough about me...don't you have some place to be where you could be telling more lies borne of resentment? LOL[/QUOTE]

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