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Oooops, Michelle?

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Originally Posted by USFREEDOM911

Well that and you're hatred for women.

[QUOTE=poet;994499]You know what? I've had enough of your lies and mischaracterizations of me. Up until now, I have made a concerted effort to ignore you, because I believe you to be not only beneath me, and contemptible refuse, but the paragon of what is wrong with this forum and this country. You lie, incessantly. You, talk out both sides of your mouth, chastising me for taking a low bitch like Gov. Jan Brewer to task, for having the audacity to stick her witchy finger into the face of a sitting president and "wag it", but the image it created of a white woman taking a black man to task, for whatever reason, cannot be tolerated...he has a wife, and he is the President of the United States....who the fuck might she be. A dried out racist white hag of a governor. You'd like for the board to believe that a violent act upon a woman who, herself is being violent or at the very least, "inappropriate", is unjustifiable, because women should be allowed to do anything they so desire (including being inappropriate), simply because they are women. I don't buy it. There is a difference between a woman and a whore. A woman, who conducts herself "appropriately" should be afforded all protection, courtesies, and benefit of the doubt. A woman who lowers herself to the level of a whore, having no respect for herself or anyone else, cannot expect the same amenities, by definition, because as a society, we don't revere whores or whoredom, and by that I mean women who exercise bad behavior, criminal or otherwise.

My mother, a lady, an educator, and for all practical purposes, "a saint", taught me to respect women. I have since added my own caveat...."women, that respect themselves".
There are countless women, behind bars, that violated the law, and committed aggressive, malicious, or fatal attacks upon men, women, and even their own children. If you think they fall into the category of "respectable women", and are thus "protected" from force, retaliation, or restraint, then you're sadly mistaken.
As far as I can remember, I have only had one altercation with a woman(girl) at that was when I was 12 years of age. That's a track record of 47 years of no physical aggression towards any woman. So stop lying about me "hating" women. I don't hate women, just like I'm not a racist or bigot. In fact, I adore women...chalk it up to my being in touch and comfortable with my feminine side.
You, on the other hand, have expressed misogynistic and disrespectful comments toward several women on this board. So, how high is your hypocrisy?
I was instructed by Damocles to hold your ass accountable, and to let you have it, whenever I saw fit. You can rest assured, I'm going to do just low life bitch, you.[/QUOTE]

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