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Poet melting down (again)

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[QUOTE=poet;987518]Racist against whom? Certainly not white people. As I have said, many times, I rail against the notion of "white privilege", which is not leveled at an individual or group, but against a system, which favors a said group, based on skin color. The white liberals don't see me as a racist, because of my rants. They are able to intellectualize "where I'm coming from" ( no doubt, due to their intellectual superiority over conservatives/Republican cretins), and take no offense at my outrage at the injustices, the hypocrisy, and the hate leveled at liberals, blacks, gays, lesbians, Democrats, pro-choice, feminists, women and the poor, the elderly, and the infirmed.
Misogynist?? I open doors for women. I compliment them. I help old ladies cross streets. I revere them, because of my saintly mother. And I'm in touch with my feminine side, as a gay man. As ridiculous a claim as me being a racist.
The fact that I wanted to slap the piss out of Jan Brewer, for the arrogance and audacity at challenging the POTUS, in his face, and pointing a finger, does not make me a misogynist. It makes me a normal human being, with strong feelings of outrage at such incredulity. I wanted to do what Barack Obama couldn't do as POTUS, and on the world stage. Slap the horse shit out of that dried up ol' racist hag, pull that weave out of her hair, and scrub her face into the dirt. Just like you would any tramp trying to assault you or take your money. Like your redneck ass has never hit a woman. You probably have been convicted of spousal abuse, pointing fingers at me. All you ho's.[/QUOTE]

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