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Poet melting down (again)

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[QUOTE=poet;987517]Crap? As in insults and personal attacks? Right. In lieu of debate. Let's not even talk about the right being morally, fiscally, ethically and intellectually "bankrupt". Are you serious? A "war on women"????? Repealing the Equal Pay Act????? And most of you have wives and girlfriends. How the fuck do they let you get away with that Neanderthal bs? I bet if they withheld the coochie, you change your "tunes", quick fast and in a hurry. Mitt Romney is a pussy. He flip flops more than a New Orleans whore. And he doesn't give a fuck about your poor ass. That's right, I said, "your poor ass"....because nobody, up in here, has any money to speak of. All of your asses are "working stiffs", and are living "paycheck to paycheck"...and if you have any disposable income, you don't mention it, lest you get heat from being a one percenter, the lowest, most selfish scum on Earth. And they're in bed with the insurance companies, Wall St., the Republican Congress, the Koch Bros., and the fucking lobbyists who are willing to give "kickbacks" to congressmen who are willing to blunt the laws which prevent moral debauchery, and not above "raping your ass", of monies, freedom, and rights. Whose side are you really on?
And the mf'ing Tea Party, populated by the most retarded and in-bred of you, talking about taking the country back, and you can't even read the mf'ing Constitution, let alone, understand what it says.
Seeing a boogie man behind every street corner, and pussies. And you mf'ing fake Christians, who neither follow the teaching expressed in the Bible, but ready to point a quick finger at folks whom you think are lesser than your ass....gays, lesbians, Gentiles, Jews, Muslims, people of color, and the like. Christ, himself, would cast you into the eternal flames, for hypocrisy, lying, cheating, stealing, whore mongering, debauchery, hate, discrimination, and general evil. Y'all some sick mf'ers.
And you mf'ers lost the goddamn presidential election in 2008, and a black man took office, and tried to do some good, despite claims and calls to the contrary...all set to undermine his presidency for the sheer audacity of actually winning the election from a white man and bimbette. Never to be forgiven for the insult. Get over it. And get ready for four more years. Now, debate that.[/QUOTE]

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Originally Posted by Superfreak

Gee, I wonder why poet gets crap from people.

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