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Yogurt Is A Damn Fool

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Yurt...I know you have difficulty with comprehension. I don't want to debate you, because you're not an honorable poster/forum member. You have attacked me from day one.
Now, you want to kiss and make up, because your reputation is damaged, and you think that by, somehow, "besting" me in a debate, you can regain what you've lost.
It's not happening. I refuse to grant you the opportunity. There is no question who is mentally superior, here. The general consensus is that I am superior, and all you have to support you are the board racists, and even that is not unanimous. I am a man...I have always been. My manhood is not in question because I refuse to engage you...that is only in your mind, because you have no recourse. Look how pathetic you are, begging me to debate, when you could have eschewed the insults and engaged in debate and discourse, all the long. It's too late. Shall I say it again? It's too late. No deal. Debate Freedom...he seems about someone you might be able to best. I'll pop popcorn. bitching and whining, lest you seem like a spoiled little girl. LOL

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