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How To Explain Gay Rights To An Idiot

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[QUOTE=poet;928028]Darling. Let me put it to you this one cares. Least of all, me. You don't know me. Stop pretending that you do. Why do you think there are different churches and different ministers, and different beliefs? Because the Bible is open to interpretation. There isn't one ministry. There isn't one sermon. There isn't one message.
Christ spoke in that people (of the day) would "get it". Ministers, of today, have varying degrees of ability in conveying the message in terms that people can "get".
Some do better than others. Some, not so much. Just like Rev. Jeremiah Wright got "caught up" in the media frenzy and cameras and lights, he lost the message.

You're still in your quest to be acknowledged as "right", instead of being thought of as another point of view, which it invariably is. You're not the "end all or be all" only think that you are. I'm not "slinging my credentials" around, puffing myself up, because in the end it comes down to what one believes. And you have zero jurisdiction over what others choose to believe. And that's what sticks in your craw. I suggest you read two posts back, and try to get a grip on your self-righteous zeal. It ain't about you. No one gives a fuck what you know. Less, what you think. I know I don't.[/QUOTE]

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  1. poet's Avatar
    Above post in response to:

    Originally Posted by PostmodernProphet

    lol...I'm not arguing I'll get "through the pearly gates" quicker because of my my knowledge of scripture......I'm just pointing out you have no knowledge of scripture.....that would of course be relevant in a discussion of what scripture says on a particular issue, don't you think?......

    why would anyone think you had knowledge of scripture when 1) you consider it irrelevant and 2) you openly admit you refuse to look at it.......obviously your statements have demeaned your credibility as a's not the fault of my pointing it out, it's the fault of your statement in the first place......