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Five Mistakes in your Bible Translation

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Originally Posted by PostmodernProphet

[QUOTE]dudette!.......get over your delusions.....I got banned because you raised a stink on a liberal board with liberal moderators over something that meant absolutely nothing to was a pretext to get yourself some points back after losing argument after argument to me.........and the fact I know far more about theology than you requires no supposing.....all it requires is reading our posts......I didn't "name drop" or "casually mention" anything, I answered YOUR question about my qualifications.....

and don't forget, the only reason I posted your comment at the other site was that in the course of the argument you denied having said that black people cannot be racists.......[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=poet;919162]Again, you are the one who is delusional. You were banned for violating the TOS. Period. You posted my posts from here, and revealed my alias. So desperate and determined in your quest to be didn't care that you were violating the rules of the board. White privilege gone amok. You got your chain "yanked", and couldn't deal with the you whined and bitched and moaned, like a little girl, after your week's punishment. But you're supposed to be so much of a man. Laughable.

You seem to forget that I amended my statement to include that, in the grand scheme of things, anyone could be racist. I know black folks that wouldn't have anything to do with y'all and talk about you like swine. They, of course, would be "racist" against whites. The difference is that, occasionally, if not justified, the racism of "blacks against whites" is understandable....given the treatment that they have received at the hands of whites, "unjustified".
I grew up amongst whites, and learned, "quickly", that there are "good and bad" in all. Rejection and vehemence is on a "case by case" basis. At least for me.
You dismissed my caveat, in order to paint me as "unreasonable". Whatever my position, you are not exonerated as a race for your history of oppression and cruelty against my people. Absorb that.[/QUOTE]

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