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Bernie Bro

Welcome to my unreadable blog

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I just changed the color scheme to one based around a blue-orange contrast. Hope you don't get any headaches.

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  1. Kimbo Kush's Avatar
    terrible. but kinda funny. the next literally gets blurred due to the colors.
  2. Damocles's Avatar
    Welcome to the Broncos blog... No wonder they've had a hard time the past few years.

  3. Bernie Bro's Avatar
    Yeah, I think the boxes need to be one color shade and the text a much lighter shade of said color, rather than having the text the complementary color of the box. What I've done makes everything ridiculously hard to read and blurry.
  4. Bernie Bro's Avatar

    The unsaturated colors were a bad idea (and I accidentally hit back and deleted some of my changes, which is why some boxes still match the old color scheme). I think I'm going to a dark, saturated orange-blue contrast with white text next timee.
  5. Kimbo Kush's Avatar
  6. Bernie Bro's Avatar
    That's what I've been using you faggot.
  7. Bernie Bro's Avatar
    Did you know that when you take orange, saturate it, and then take the brightness out it turns the color of shit? I kid you not!
  8. AssHatZombie's Avatar
  9. Damocles's Avatar
    Ouch. Yeah, this is unreadable.
  10. Bernie Bro's Avatar
    Fuck you, colorjack.